Application Package

Loan Applicants can download a Handwritten or PDF Form Fillable Application Package here. Handwritten Form Fillable

Vendor Deposit

Loan Applicants can make a Vendor Deposit using a Credit Card for their loan application by clicking on the Deposit button. Deposit

Borrower Portal

Existing Borrowers can access all there loan information online, 24/7. Some of the features available via the Portal include: Loan Balances, Payment History, Statements, and much more. Login

Retirement Plan Loans - Self Directed IRA's & Solo 401k

Diversify and amplify your retirement real estate portfolio with a Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401k Loan from Peak Asset Lending. With our help you can obtain the funds you need to invest in a property that will boost your return on investment. Learn More

Kansas City Rehab and Flipping - Locally Owned and Operated

Get the most out of your rehab or flip with local Kansas City-area loans from Peak. We offer a number of 30-year loan options that allow you to sell or rent out the home on your terms. Whether you're looking for a flip, a flip to perm or a rehab to perm loan, we've got you covered. Learn More


RentFax is a data aggregation and analytics company serving the residential rental market. Its core focus and product class is centric to the behavior of residential rental investment property including data and analytics for: Risk, Rent, and Income. Login